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"Location: Žilina Strážov
Location: Žilina Višňové
Strážov is a fishing and recreational zone with a body of water. The preparation works for highway construction in this area had begun and consequently stopped several years ago. Višňové, on the other hand, is a zone with forest and hills, where one of the longest highway tunnels in Europe suppose to take place. The preparation works had begun and consequently stopped several years ago by mining a "test" tube with a smaller perimeter but in the whole length of the planned tunnel. This situation created two landscapes which are permanently "frozen" in transition between two states. Transitioners took advantage of this situation and created a large-scale happening, playing and intervening with the always changing urban plans for the highway and the tunnel. Happening had multiple conceptual layers, was politically critical and rose many questions not only about ecology and politics but also about a "choice" between two forms of damage, where this two smaller landscape has to be "sacrificed" for the sake of larger good ( cleaner air for the region and economic interests ).

The happening was a one-day event. First, it took place in Žilina - Strážov, where Transitioners cooperated with the local citizens in providing platforms for story-telling connected with the region. Large-scale inflatables, Buckminster Fuller's Geodesic Dome, performance, and two singers ( One on a boat, another one on the bank ) Represent scientific data about the body of water. It was necessary to start the whole process with a precise measurement, so they hired a geodesic company to measure the location coordinates for the performance. These coordinates were entered into the official urban plan of the metropolitan region. Not accidentally the performance was placed at the same area where the future body of the highway should cut through the landscape. The act of entering this event into the Municipal Urban Plan Transitioners consider a "data intervention." In Višňové Transitioners created a participatory performance, again, involving two singers singing scientific and political data about the place. They also hired a gardening company which built a small rock garden in the middle of the devastated construction site and a sound installation. As part of the performance, Transitioners hired a helicopter which landed at the performance site and delivered and actor in a black suit and a suitcase to the scene. He represented a politician. After arriving at the scene, he walked into the woods and slowly disappeared.