"Untitled" is an Installation and video projections in KoŇ°ice City, Slovakia. We received an exhibition offer at a brand new (and first) Slovak Kunsthalle. Many people think that the future of this location is uncertain. There was a great discourse around this issue. In accord with our, aesthetical needs, we chose a particular gallery room. First, we hired a geodesist to measure the center point for the future installation. After this center point was scientifically measured and marked, we hired a psychic medium to sense the energies at that point using a dowsing rod and a crystal pendulum. We video documented actions and commentaries of both of the individuals. We built a Buckminster Fuller's Geodesic Dome around the center point and screened the video of the medium on the side of the dome. Video of the geodesist was screened at the nearby wall in the gallery space.