Sins of Nationalist Love

"Sins of Nationalist Love" (2014) is playing with self reflection of the Slovak Nation on its klero - fascist history. This self reflection never really happened to a full extent. As a result of that, the clerical fascism is finding it's way into the Slovak society once again today. During the second world war, clerical fascism was political system on Slovak territory. It was a fascist dictatorship led by christian clergy. The president at the time, priest Jozef Tiso, was after the war convicted for war crimes and executed. Nowadays the Slovak society, including some members of christian clergy, is getting more and more nationalistically radicalized, invoking and glorifying this historical character together with the whole historical period. All recent neo fascist extremist organizations are are based on the christian believes and laws of faith. (some are even combination of racism, anti abortion movement and nationalism.) Many of these extremist organizations are recently conveying viscous organized physical attacks on people of color, members of the LGBT movement and people who might appear to them as having and expressing too liberal world view. Recently, for the fist time after WWII, a political party representing these ideas, together with ideas of National Socialism won regional elections in the country. Polls are showing that it might maybe even make it into the Slovak Parliament. The artwork "Sins of National Love" is exhibited within a larger ongoing project of Gallery Space titled LED TYPE. It is exhibited in a public space in Bratislava, Slovakia, at Šafárikovo Square. It is made of two LED panels with alternating text. The text is made of two sentences which were taken from the christian Lord's Prayer and slightly modified:

"Father, forgive us our guilt"
"Do not lead us into temptation again"

Composition of the LED panels is recalls a logo used by infamous militia forces of the clerical-fascist Slovak State from WWII, called Hlinka's Guards inspired by the German SS forces. Nowadays, the recent political party, representing the ideas of the National Socialism, is calling for re-creation of in-a-way similar militias (wearing almost similar uniforms).They suppose to "protect the proper citizens from the improper"